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Frances reading an excerpt from a short story at GMU's Fall For The Book Festival.

Frances Park & Ginger Park (& Jefferson too!)


Frances & Ginger at Chocolate Chocolate

Ginger reading at Hollin Meadows in Fairfax County Public Schools

Welcome to our writing world: It goes without saying that YES we are sisters as well as authors and co-authors of many books – novels, nonfiction memoir and award-winning children’s books.

Winter News 2017-18: We are working on a non-fiction book proposal for our next project titled: The Chocolate Yearbook. Also:

Frances is putting the final touches on Blue Rice, a timely novel of a woman from North Korea who survives what fate deals her following the Korean War as both a refugee in her own divided country and then an immigrant in 1960′s America. Excerpts from Blue Rice have appeared in Solstice Literary Magazine; Dove Tales: Writing for Peace; Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet; and Washington Stories. She’s also working on A Dead Lover’s Kiss & Other Stories of Love, a collection of personal essays which have or will appear in The Massachusetts Review, The London Magazine, Next Avenue (PBS), OZY Media, Gulf Coast Journal, Arts & Letters, Gargoyle, The Woven Tale Press, and others.

Ginger has signed on with literary agent Lucinda Karter at the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency, LLC. Ginger recently completed a historical middle grade/YA crossover novel, but truly a book for young and old, entitled THE HUNDRED CHOICES DEPARTMENT STORE. Here is a short description: Set in Sinuiju, Korea (northern Korea) in the aftermath of World War II, the novel is inspired by my mother’s remembrances of her family’s painful struggles during the Russian invasion of their beloved hometown, and ultimate flight to South Korea just prior to the outbreak of the Korean War. While many young readers are aware of the current North Korean and Russian chaos monopolizing the airwaves, very few children know the history behind the troubles that have plagued the Korean peninsula for over sixty years.

Frances and Ginger also co-own Chocolate Chocolate, a magical little sweet shop located in Washington, DC, voted BEST CHOCOLATE SHOP by the readers of Washingtonian magazine. If you can’t visit us in the shop, you can always visit us online at

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