Midnight Marathon

It was a marathon night as my thirteen year old son, Justin, and another classmate were at a friend’s house until midnight scrambling in the eleventh hour to complete a project for TSA (Technology Student Association) State competition today.  The plan was to work until 9pm, which seemed unlikely since they were far from completing the project called “Genetically Engineered Fruits and Vegetables”.  But I couldn’t argue with Justin for trying even if it was on a school night.  Plus, it gave me time to work on my YA novel, putting the finishing touches on the manuscript.  At 8:45, I was deep in my novel and feeling pretty optimistic about its future when I got a call from Justin telling me they were making progress, but needed another hour.  I wasn’t happy, but went along with it, and went back to work with one eye on the clock.  At 9:30 another phone call.  “We need more time, mom, but our project is pretty awesome.  I think we have a good chance of qualifying for Nationals.”  Now most of my friends consider me an overprotective mom, and Justin has never been out late, but with a little nudging from my husband, I gave Justin free rein to finish his project.  At 12:14am Justin came home with a beautifully finished project to present at States today.  And guess what? I completed my YA novel.  I’ll keep you posted on whether he qualifies for Nationals, and whether my agent loves or hates my novel. 

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