Yummy Foods

It’s been a crazy summer what with our 81 year old mom falling on Memorial Day and breaking her hip. Amazingly, she was walking without a walker or cane 3 & 1/2 weeks after surgery! However, the pain killers have crippled her digestive tract, and thus, she’s lost 18 lbs. Nothing seems to grab her tastebuds, but… CHOCOLATE! I guess we’re in the right business!

Speaking of yummy foods, we’re busy as bees working on our cookbook tentatively titled: The Yummy Allergy Cookbook. However, we’re still flirting with delicious titles; so stay tuned. The book is inspired by Ginger’s son, Justin, who is allergic to dairy, tree nuts, eggs, and sesame. Writing a cookbook seemed as as easy as our ABCs. How wrong we were! Like writing, cooking is an art; it’s all about adding a dash here, a dash there. Writing a cookbook is a science, making sure each ingredient is the correct amount. We’ve spent as much time in the test kitchen as we have at our laptops actually writing!

We’ll keep you abreast of our progress!

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