About Us & Photos


Frances with her friend Haleigh, pictured in 2007. Haleigh is a budding author who has already won writing contests!

Ginger and her son Justin. Justin is an author too! His work appears in KIDS' LETTERS TO PRESIDENT OBAMA published by Random House. Justin appeared on MSNBC on April 14, 2009 to talk about his letter to the President.

The experience of becoming published authors has been an amazing journey for both of us.  We write books for both adults and children. We like to approach life from all moods, and our themes reflect this. Some are serious and some are whimsical – but what we strive for is to write books that are entertaining for all.

Not only are we sisters and authors…but we’re also co-owners of a boutique in Washington, DC known as Chocolate Chocolate. Yes, let’s say it one more time…Chocolate Chocolate! It’s a very fun place to be when we’re not writing!

“We’re called the ‘Cheers’ of chocolate,” Ginger quips.                                                              “It’s our window to the world,” Frances adds.

And chocolate does wonders for our imaginations…





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