My Freedom Trip

Publisher: Boyds Mills Press – click on book for Amazon ordering

In the dark of night, a small Korean girl named Soo escapes from North Korea to South Korea. Her father is waiting for her in the south. Her mother stays behind…

In this powerful story of courage and faith, Soo faces the unknown as she is led by her guide over mountains and through woods, threatened with capture by ever-present enemy soldiers.

In spare and elegant prose, the authors have told a story based on their own mother’s “freedom trip” across the 38th parallel just prior to the outbreak of the Korean War. Artist Debra Reid Jenkins has recreated the silence and the danger and the darkness of the journey in lustrous oil paintings, following Soo and her guide through the night – into the morning light of freedom.


“As the mother of a daughter adopted from South Korea, I felt my heart strings tugged by this tale of love and separation. Beautifully, even lyrically written, it opens our eyes to the pain that war brings to lives of the most innocent.” JUDY WOODRUFF, CNN Anchor and Senior Correspondent

“The courage of this young girl overcame the dangers of an adult world.” SHERRI ROLLINS, Executive Vice President, Network Communications, ABC Television Network

“The phenomenal but often unnoticed heroism of many recent immigrants’ journeys to freedom is recorded in this remarkable tale of a young Korean girl’s escape… Despite the devastating ending, this touching tale of quiet bravery has universal appeal.” KIRKUS REVIEWS

“The riveting plot and courageous heroine will sweep readers along… raises searching questions about the price of freedom.” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“… a spare, lyrical tale of wartime Korea… that may plant the priceless seed of peace in a child’s receptive mind.” BOOK PAGE

“This is the powerful story of courage, faith, and love. Readers will be touched…” IOWA READING JOURNAL

“This dramatic and bittersweet story, told with simplicity and understatement… The authors write with exquisite poignancy… poetic and smooth paced, powerful and sobering, not soon to be forgotten.” THE FIVE OWLS

“Use this book to talk about freedom — what it means and the price many have paid to get it.” CHRISTIAN HOME AND SCHOOL

“The story is lyrically told… with graceful similes that flow naturally from one page to another.” SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

“Based on a true story, this book is an excellent remembrance of one family’s flight and fight for freedom.” BOOKLINKS

“The authors based the unforgettable story on their mother’s own childhood. Their prose is as hushed and tense as a child in fear…”CCBC CHOICES

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